Things to do at the ranch

Deer Hunting
Double K Ranch has 14 first-class 8x6 box deer stands with two high-quality, comfortable chairs in each stand. There is one small field on the ranch, as well as 14 corn feeders and 4 protein feeders scattered across the acreage. The ranch is a level 3 M.L.D. that results in rifle season lasting from October 1st – February 28th 5 months long!!!

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Turkey Hunting
Hunting the Rio Grande Turkey in the spring season is excellent on the ranch. You can hear those turkeys gobbling all spring long out here.

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Duck Hunting
Hunting Mallards and Pintails in the beautiful terrain of Texas. There is one16 foot Kohler pit blind that has been installed with two dog boxes. The duck pond has been precision leveled just for the ducks. The blind has heaters installed to keep you warm on the cold days.

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Dove Hunting
Dove hunting at Double K Ranch is always a great way to kick off the hunting season, as the weather gets cooler and the days get shorter. There is a small field and several water tanks that offer dove hunting on the ranch.

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Hog Hunting
Double K Ranch features helicopter hog hunting on our ranch and several other ranches around the Double K Ranch. Helicopter hog hunting is some of the most fun hunting you will ever do. Can also be hunted from a stand.

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Hunting From Helicopter

Predator Hunting
Predator hunting is allowed at night in Texas and boy, do we make a time of it! It’s usually after dinner, after sitting around the fire pit listening to some music, that everyone jumps on the Polaris ranger, grabs the electronic calls, and heads out…

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Three options to choose from: bass fishing, crappie/white perch fishing, or bow fishing.

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Test your skills at our shooting range. We have a pistol range, automated skeet range, and a 700 hundred yard rifle range.